Anatoly  Vereity lives in the town Severodonetsk with his wife and  8-year-old son.

The family is internally displaced from their home town of Brianka due to war. Anatoly’s wife has significant problems with her health which makes Anatoly the only provider in the family with the monthly income of $150 working as a loader and delivery man.

In the end of April 2019, Anatoly felt increasingly weak and after a consultation with the doctor, 4 tumors (most likely malignant) were found in his bladder. The doctors told Anatoly that he needed an urgent surgery.

Since the are no medical specialist in the area who are able to perform the surgery, the missionary working in the town of Severodonetsk contacted Galina Kucher. Galina arranged for a consultation with the urologist Dr. Alexander Vozianov, who had saved other CBN’s patients more than once.

Dr. Alexander said that there would need to be two stages of the operation. The first one would  give a better understanding of the structure of the tumor, and according to the results of the first surgery, the plan for the second one would be worked out.

Thankfully, Anatoliy received the needed finances from CBN and he came to Kyiv for additional examination and the surgery. The surgery was very successful. Thanks to the timely financing and support, Anatoliy was able to fully recover after the surgery and post-irradiation treatment.

When we visited Anatoliy at his home in May 2019, he was a totally different man. He was very joyful and thankful to CBN and our team.I was thinking I would not survive this, he shared. – I had all dark thoughts in my mind – I had cancer, to begin with, and it was scary. And then CBN staff came to my life like in a fairy tale and they organized all stages of my treatment. Thank you so much for my life!”

Now that Anatoliy is healthy, he can be a father and and husband at home and provide for his family.

By Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel