As we talk, Valentina looks down and tightens her lips holding herself from crying.

It getting dark outside and it’s completely dark in Valentina’s house

Valentina Khamaylo lives at war in the darkness for the last 4 years. Due to the debt in paying utility bills her house was disconnected from electricity supply. Valentina spends most of her life in bed and uses walkers to move around the house in the darkness. Her pension is not enough to cover all of the basic needs.

I’m so tired of this war,” Valentina shared with us, – my health left me after all of the stresses and regular shooting. At first, our neighbor died from a shell rupture. It’s scary to know that death is lurking very close. But I’m lying on this bed like that and I don’t know whether I’ll wake up in the morning or whether it’s a “bullet” or a shell would kill me.  Living like this is very difficult. My pension is not enough for the medicines I need and to buy even basic food.

I am very grateful to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund for providing this money for me. It will help me not to die of hunger!”

In December, 65 most vulnerable persons with disabilities living in war-affected isolated settlements of Pivdenne and Nelipivka received cash grants (2475 UAH) for food due to support of UN “Ukraine Humanitarian Fund”.

By Anna Chaban