Zinaida and Igor R. came to the “Medical Mobile Clinic” together.
Both of them have certain health problems that require immediate medical attention. Igor is overweight and suffers from arrhythmia. At the clinic, Zinaida learned that she has severe problems with her thyroid gland, although never felt that anything was wrong with her health in this area.  She came to the clinic complaining of back pain. Zinaida had her bloodwork done, had an ultrasound exam and an EKG. She also had a chance to visit an OB/gyn professional.

“It’s very difficult for my husband to go to clinics and wait in lines because he is overweight. Here, at the “Medical Mobile Clinic” everything is organized at a very decent level. We are very grateful to “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative for giving us this opportunity to undergo a medical screening for free”, Zinaida said. Her husband also added that he was very happy with his medical check-up. It had been very difficult for him to walk upstairs and downstairs and wait in lines in other hospitals. Moreover, the medical services normally cost a lot, and the couple cannot afford to pay for these services on their own.

Zinaida and Igor used to live in the town of Lugansk. “We used to live in a two-story house in Lugansk. We had the ground floor for ourselves and my daughter and her family lived upstairs”, the woman shares. When the war started, Zinaida took a vacation and went to the sea side in Berdyansk with her grandson hoping that everything would end soon and they would be able to return home. My grandson was very scared when shelling started in our home town. After that, he started drawing pictures only in black and white. That’s why we decided to take him out to the peaceful territory. And now he needs psychological help”, Zinaida shares.

Later, the other members of the family had to move out of Lugansk – there were no available jobs in the town and their lives were in constant danger. Zinaida used to work as chief accountant at the distillery, Igor owned and managed a small metal products manufacturing company. After moving to Kyiv they weren’t able to find jobs and their small pensions are their only source of income. Their daughter and her family also to live with the here, it’s only a two bedroom apartment and not a cozy and comfortable home any more.

Despite of the tight living conditions and life changes, these people remain grateful to those who care about their health.

We thank Pope Francis and all the caring people in all the Catholic Churches who answered tthe call to help for the victims of Donbass!