Sometimes illnesses can be caused by stress, bad ecology or genetic disorders.

Other times, parents can be the cause of their child’s trauma. 9-year-old Olexiy K. lives in Nizhny village, Popasna area with his father and grandparents. Olexiy’s mother left the family a year ago and as she was leaving, she set their house on fire. Olexiy’s grandma Inna shares that his Mom used to hit the boy on his head  and this hitting cased a brain cyst. The family learned about Olexiy’s health problem after the boy had his first epileptic attack which frightened everyone.

When the doctors found the cyst in Olexiy’s brain, his grandma started searching for the medical advice on their further actions. Some doctors said that the cyst had to be removed while others said that it’s better not to touch it.

Olexiy’s grandma was in despair and did not know what to do to better help the boy. Luckily, there was a charitable medical outreach  in their village where the doctors of “Medical Mobile Clinic” from Kyiv helped her make a decision. After the consultation, it was decided that Olexiy and his grandmother should go to Kyiv for examination by brain surgeons.

After the consultation at the Neurosurgery Institute and a complete medical check-up, the doctors decided that the boy shouldn’t have a surgery because the cyst didn’t increase compared to the previous scan results.

They said that many people live with cysts like that without even knowing it. It is recommended that the boy should have a surgery only if the symptoms aggravate (nausea, vomiting, or severe headaches). Olexiy was prescribed medicines and recommended to have a normal active  lifestyle. Olexiy’s grandma was very happy – for the last three years she has been afraid that the boy would have seizures again…

Now she is reassured that everything is OK with Olexiy and she is grateful to “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative and “Emmanuel” Association for this professional consultation and for the good news!I am grateful to each person who helped us by bringing us to the railway station, by meeting us in Kyiv, helping us with the consultation, and, finally, for covering all our expenses!”