During CBN-Emmanuel’s medical outreach to the village of Vrubivka, Lugansk region, we met some participants of our “Something to Eat Every Day” project.

When Olga P. heard that the team of “CBN-Emmanuel” had arrived to the village, she invited us to visit her garden. She was eager to show us her vegetables and tell about her life in a front-line village. The front yard of her house was a very neat place filled with blooming roses.

In the garden, we could see the beds of vegetables and potatoes. The woman said that her husband had received the seeds provided by “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative and Olga still keeps the plastic bag with the Pope’s logo.

“These potatoes are quite different from the kinds that we are used to.  On this side of the garden I planted the potatoes that I grew last year,  and the potatoes from the Pope are on the other side”, – Olga shows.

Because of the hot weather, the greens look a little withered, but Olga says that when the sun goes down in the evening, everything comes back to life.

Olga also grows onions, carrots, cucumbers and peas in her garden.  Olga wanted to share some of the green onions with us, saying with a smile, “These are for you,  you can make some soup for your kids”.

After a very nice conversation and a short tour to Olga’s house we returned to the medical outreach site.

Olga was able to consult a therapist, a neurologist, a gynecologist and a cardiologist. The woman was very thankful for this opportunity and for the fact that the doctors were brave enough to come to their war-affected village.

I want to thank all doctors for such a good attitude towards us! This war taught me that we need to help one another as much as we can. That’s why my heart is now not only to receiving help but also to helping others”.