This is just a random shot from a charity medical outreach organized by CBN-Emmanuel in one of the front-line villages of war-affected eastern Ukraine.

A portrait of an ordinary resident of the war zone looks as follows:

– he/she don’t tend to have a complete medical check-up every year; from our experience we know that some of the residents had seen a doctor 3-10 years ago;

– for them, it seems a norm to wait for an ambulance for 1,5 days instead of 20 minutes, even in cases of emergencies;

– it is natural for them to endure pain and resort to self-medication.

When our medical team comes to a war-affected village, it’s hard to tell what brings the most happiness to the locals – the fact that they are finally able to receive health care services without travelling long distances or the chance to talk to people who would really listen to them. Indeed, living in the war zone and destroyed infrastructure is aggravated by the lack of communication, especially for elderly patients.

A military ambulance is n given a priority in the war with the focus on  wounded soldiers at the front; civilians living in remote areas are forgotten by both the state and society. Most of the medical specialists had left even with the outbreak of war. Elderly persons who stayed in their homes in the war-affected villages can get primary medical help from a single nurse or a family doctor left in the village.

In 2019 alone, over 1,200 needy patients living in the isolated villages along the contact line were able to receive free health care services provided by the doctors of CBN-Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic”. They had consultations by medical specialists, had the needed lab tests and instrumental exams and received medications and glasses as prescribed.

We want to continue to positively influence the health and life expectancy of these disadvantaged people. You can also help by reposting this publication or making a donation so that our medical ministry continues to exist.

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 Anna Chaban, CBN-Ukraine