Alexander Kupriyan and his wife Svetlana live in  Zhelanne village located in war-affected zone in eastern Ukraine. Alexander is disabled due to absolute blindness – he hasn’t been able to see anything for many years now. His wife Svetlana suffers from many chronic diseases and is not able to find a job that would help them earn additional income.

Therefore, both of them live on Alexander’s small disability allowance. The couple lives in extreme need; most of their income is spent for life-supporting medicines. Often, the money is not enough even for buying essential food products and their struggle goes on every single day as they are trying to survive from one Alexander’s pension to another.

Alexander and Svetlana live in a shaggy house without any amenities or even a bathroom. Due to his limited abilities, Alexander can’t do anything around home and all household chores are on Svetlana’s shoulders. Unfortunately, there are no relatives who could help this family. Therefore, they are left to their own devices and have to survive in deep poverty and hopelessness. In fact, local Christian missionaries are the only people who are trying to help this needy couple as much as they can. 

We came to visit Alexander and Svetlana and brought them a food bag provided by CBN-Emmanuel. For the Kupriyan family, this is not just help, but an opportunity to survive in difficult circumstances. Alexander and Svetlana willingly listen to the Word of God. The food bag provided by CBN-Emmanuel is not just food for them; it is also a sign of God’s love and care.

After we prayed for them, Alexander said, “Thank you for not forgetting about us. You are a ray of light shining into my soul. Although my eyes have not seen anything for a long time, your good light has reached my heart anyway! ”

You can make any donation here and by doing that you will bring even more kindness and love in this world.

By Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel