On the eve of full-scale war, one of Victoria’s biggest dreams finally came true –

she got a job in the largest Sinevo lab, where she was paid a decent salary, and the working conditions were the best for raising two children on her own and taking care of a seriously ill mother with disabilities.

It was just another day in February when Victoria’s 11-year-old daughter came running into she room with tears and shouting, “Mom, the war has begun!”

The family had already experienced the war in 2014, when Sloyavnsk was first occupied by Russians. But this time it felt like all of the events are even more dramatic and life-threatening.

“When a series of explosions took place in Kramatorsk, I knew that this war had become a terrible massacre. I knew that my whole family and children could die if we don’t’ leave our home town but we still waited hoping for the best until June 1. The turning point that helped me make the decision to evacuate, was the day when a projectile hit the school where my daughter studied.

Instead of celebrating the “final day” of the school year, the Russians celebrated with a massive shelling which turned the school into rubble and ashes. It was a real shock for my daughter Olena.

There was another great rocket explosion in Slavkurort, after which we practically were forced to live in the basement. My younger son was terribly afraid of the slightest sound, and I logically understood that going down to the basement again and again with my disabled mother who can’t walk goes beyond the limits of the possible.

My friend put us in touch with Eva Samoilenko who helped us with finances and helped us move to the resettlement center in the village of Loshkivtsi. I can say that we are very lucky to be here. Compared to other unfortunate people still living in trailers, with no living conditions, half-starved, and all together 10 people in one trailer, we sure are lucky!
We live in a lovely warm kindergarten where the very kind headmaster has given us a huge room exclusively for our family. The kitchen and bathrooms are shared, but these are great conditions, believe me!

And the “Emmanuil” provides us with a set of groceries on a regular basis.

I am very grateful to my employer “Sinevo” that despite the fact that we had to leave our home town and are unable to work, continues to support us financially! This is exactly what allows us to somehow stay afloat. However, with the skyrocketing prices, considering our needs for medicine, diapers, clothes and shoes for the children, I am sure that this money will not be enough for us!

That is why the food aid provided by “Emmanuil” saves us from hunger. You have become a real family for us. You have given us a helping hand when we needed it! We continue praying for peace and waiting for the moment when we can gather our things and go back to our home town of Slavyansk. Unfortunately, continuous g regular shelling in Slavyansk doesn’t give us a chance to go back just yet and risk my small children and my helpless disabled mother”.
We are very grateful to every person who contributed to the fact that we feel at least a little at home being far away from home! Thank you!” – Victoria thanked us with tears.

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Anna Chaban, CBN-Еmmanuil