Due to full-scale war in Ukraine, Valentyna from Mariupil, Donetsk region, had to urgently evacuate from her home town which is now occupied by Russian forces.

All of the roads to Ukraine were blocked by the invaders, the evacuation didn’t seem possible at all. However,  thanks to God’s support, she was able to escape having evacuated through Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and back to the western part of Ukraine. She was willing to take this long road despite of her cancer and a very weak health, with her whole heart she wanted to live in Ukraine. Valentyna now lives in IDP shelter in the village of Romaniv, Zhytomyr region.

«My husband died 4 years ago, – Valentyna shares. – I was working hard on making repairs in our home and I finished the repairs right before the New Year 2022″. After heavy shelling and Russian missile strikes, occupation and chaos that the Russians brought to Mariupol, Valentyna was forced to live in cold cellars and with no food. The hunger would make her feel dizzy. She still can’t believe that she was able to leave the town, and calls it «a real miracle». 

Valentyna has been receiving food support from “Operation Blessing” and because of this relief she had a chance to spend her money that she receives from the government on the medications and chemotherapy. Therefore, the food support she receives from “Operation Blessing”  literally saves her from hunger and helps to survive during the most difficult times.

Leaving Mariupol was just impossible! But God helped me! I am grateful to Operation Blessing for continuous food assistance and I don’t feel hungry! I am so grateful to God and to every volunteer and every person who is involved in this project!», the woman thanked.

Support people in Ukraine you can here: https://helpua.org/ua/home-1/

Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuil