In 2020, Irina first felt discomfort in the lower abdomen.

She did not seek help at a local hospital because she could still tolerate it, and her daughter was already suffering from a gynecological  disease and all the family’s resources were spent to save her daughter’s health. In 2021, the situation became unbearable.

Iryna went to a gynecologist at a local hospital and was referred to a specialized hospital where Iryna went in September 2021. After the consultation, it became clear that the operation should not be postponed.  The urgency would affect the results of the operation.

Irina is not yet a pensioner, but she has a disability of the 3rd group due to a trauma. When she worked at a factory, she had an accident where she got into an auger and was severely injured. Thankfully she survived but could no longer work. Iryna is a widow. Her apartment in a high-rise building was completely destroyed during the shelling in 2015, so she is forced to rent a private house.

This war brought all of us so much trouble! At first we lost all our property, all furniture, household appliances, every thing, plates, books, photos, shoes – everything we had owned. It all had to be restored and bought again. At first, this stress crippled my daughter’s health, which took all our strength and money. And now was time for my operation, for which we no longer had the strength or resources. 

Thanks to the “Operation Blessing” Foundation, my life has found new strength, new faith and new joy! Now I can finally walk and move around the village, I can play with my grandchildren and do housework!” – said Irina.

After the surgery Irina felt much better because the aching pain ended. She is full of optimism and faith in an active future.

Today, after so many days after the surgery, when the fear of death is behind I can also leave behind the nightmare of searching for credits and loans. I express my gratitude to the whole “Operation Blessing” team for not passing by my troubles.  I want to thank the partners for giving me this money!  If it weren’t for you, the disease would have led me to terrible consequences, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life anymore!”

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By: Anna Chaban