Ludmila is 72-year old woman who lives in war-affected eastern Ukraine and cares for her disabled husband (he has a paralyzed right side of the body due to a head injury in 2002).

In May, the difficult situation of their life at war with a very small budget and not too much help, Ludmila’s life has become even more difficult due to an unhappy incident. One day, she woke up in the morning, got out of bed, but could not stay on her feet and suddenly fell down. This happened due to too high blood pressure (she suffers from hypertension). She went to the trauma center of the local hospital, where she had an X-ray of her arm and a plaster cast was placed on her arm. A month later, the cast was removed, another X-ray was taken, and a new cast was applied again for another three weeks.

Ludmila has already become suspicious why she has to wear a cast for so long, and her arm was still hurting 24/7. She was referred to another doctor at the trauma department in Kurakhove. She was examined and the doctors were surprised to find that with the type of Ludmila’s fracture with two displacements just applying a cast was not enough. The precious time was lost with the wrong treatment and now the situation could only be saved with a surgery trough installation of a special plate with angular stability.

Ludmila was shocked to hear the cost of the metal plate needed for the surgery which she could never afford with their family’s modest income ) Ludmila’s pension is UAH 2,546.00 ($92), her husband’s UAH 2,700.00 ($98).

Ludmila shares,  “I had a whole list of debts and another list of needed medicines and bills for the surgery supplies that I just couldn’t pay! By that time I had to use injections of painkillers several times per day because the pain was just hard to endure! I knew that my hand was very seriously damaged  and, according to my doctor’s explanation, I had all chances to remain disabled until the end of my days without this osteosynthesis surgery. For me this situation was totally unacceptable, I live in a private house, I have to care for my sick husband, I have to work in the garden.”

Traumatologist Nelipa Dmytro who had previoulsy cooperated with “Operation Blessing” Ukraine in helping several of his most needy patients with complex fractures advised Lyudmila to apply for charitable assistance to “Operation Blessing” Ukraine. After examining all of Ludmila’s documents, OB team came to the conclusion that without our help it was impossible for a woman to return her normal life style. Improper diagnosis, prolonged lack of proper treatment led to the fact that Ludmila felt terrible pain in her hand, which echoed all over her body. In this condition Ludmila wasn’t able to do even the basic things like going to the store on her own, doing housework, growing vegetables and greens during the season. It became clear that if the bones are not restored with a surgery Ludmila and her husband are doomed to a limited life and hungry life.

Ludmila shares,It was very difficult for me both morally and physically to find myself in such a helpless situation but when a representative of OB Ukraine (Emmanuel Association) announced the news that I had been approved funding, my joy knew no bounds! It meant that I would  be able to return to a full life again! Now, after the sugery, I  know it for sure: I can be myself again! I am so grateful to every employee of this project who helped me heal and get rid of this terrible pain! Thank you that my bones are fixed and now e I can return to my usual way of life. “

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By: Anna Chaban