Despite active hostilities, active work to help war victims continues in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

The volunteer team of Dmitry Mishenin has accomplished the following:

  1. Over 350 persons were evacuated from Rubizhe town. Most of them were taken to Zolotaryovka train station for further transfer and about 30 people were placed in the shelter for internally displaced persons in Kramatorsk.
  2. 500 loaves of bread have been distributed among the affected population and 500 loaves of bread are prepared for distribution on March 26

  1. Our team helped deliver a humanitarian truck  of food items and diapers to the town of Rubizhne.

  1. 13 most vulnerable families (displaced and disabled persons, single mothers) were provided with humanitarian aid in the town of Slavyansk.

  1. We continue to accept and distribute humanitarian loads at our warehouses in Slavyansk and Dnipro: 2 trucks of food of hygienic items have been received at our warehouse in Slavyansk and 5 tons of pasta, 420 cans of stew were received at our warehouse in Dnipro and will be further distributed among the most vulnerable affected population.

  1. We are starting to form a team and humanitarian headquarters in Dnipro.
  1. On March 26, a humanitarian load containing 22 tons of fruit was delivered to the shelter of internally displaced persons in Mirnograd which hosts over 1000 people.

Thanks to all our partners for help and prayers!

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