In the framework of “Children of War” project,  we purchased and delivered all needed equipment and activity sets from Orphan’s Promise to the missionary centers in eastern Ukraine.

15 missionary centers in the front-line towns and villages of Donbass (Zolotoye, Artyomovo, Bakhmut, Kirovo, Gornyak, Marinka, Konstantinovka, Avdyeevka, Svyetlodarsk, Mironovskiy and others) received activity sets – big balls, mazes,  the “Comet” and “Parachute” games which will be used in summer camps.

Some missionary centers also received needed  professional equipment from Orphan’s Promise – laptops, printers, projectors, cameras, flipcharts, speakers and memory cards. These sets were delivered to the missionary stations in Gornyak, Avdeyevka, Popasna, Severodonetsk, Artyomovo, Kirovo, Bakhmut and Zolotoye.

«We express our sincere gratitude to Emmanuel Association, namely to Galina Kucher and Olga Andrus and everyone who shared their hearts and finances to provide help to our missionary centers! The equipment and sports sets are already being used and are bringing joy to the children. It is a great blessing for us! The equipment we had before wasn’t ready for the workloads in the last year and broke down. Without this help, we would have to use our cell-phones for everything! But the Lord is never late. He has everything in place and in time. Just one day before the start of the camp we found out about the blessing God has prepared for us through you. Praise the Lord!»

Roman Ryazantsev – minister of summer camps in eastern Ukraine

“Mission CBN-Emmanuel” has blessed the children’s ministry in Artyomovo with everything needed. For the last 6 months they have been training us to work with children, holding workshops on children psychology and sharing their own experience of serving to children. Now they have also provided us with all needed technical supplies to help us bring this knowledge into the life. This equipment will bring a new world view into the lives of these kids and will help them be drawn closer to the Lord.  We are very thankful to you

Tasha Shcheglyuk – missionary for children in eastern Ukraine

At the moment, the missionary teams have everything needed for summer camps and they will bring much fun and unforgettable emotions to the children and teenagers living in the front-line towns. Hundreds of children will come to the missionary centers this summer. They will be able to spend a wonderful time together, hear about God and accept Him into their hearts.


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