As the freezing weather is approaching Ukraine, we receive an increasing number of requests for warm clothes and shoes for children in eastern Ukraine. As a rule, orphans and children cared for by elderly relatives are the ones who experience the greatest need.  Also, there are many large and internally displaced families who have moved from dangerous places in the east of Ukraine and now live in a grave need as well.

Due to the lack of warm clothes, many children are not able to go to school. Unbelievably high prices for new clothes make a warm jacket and a pair of warm shoes an unobtainable dream for many children.  

6-year-old orphan boy Danya lives with his grandma in Zheleznoye village, Donetsk region. The boy’s mother died and his father was a victim to drug addition. At his age of 6, Danya still doesn’t know any alphabet letters or numbers. The boy’s grandmother has bad eye-sight and she can’t teach him the basics. The grandma’s tiny pension is not enough to buy him warm clothes and he has to wear his old worn out jacket. Despite of the hard life circumstances, Danya is a very happy and active child.

Little Lena lives in Troitske village, Donetsk region, with her grandmother. When the school started, the girl didn’t go to school because she had no other clothes except for summer shorts, a T-shirt and rubber shoes.

There are many stories like that in eastern Ukraine. Now that the weather is getting colder, we receive an increasing number of requests for warm clothes.

And we do know that there are a lot of kind and caring people around who are gathering clothes and shoes to support children in need. Danya and Lena are now got dressed thanks to the support of such people. Lena is now attending school while Danya not only received much warm clothes but also many interesting books and he will be able to learn many new things with our missionaries.

Dear friends, if you have some used clothes, you can give it as a gift to the children of Donbas!

As the season of holidays is approaching, you can give a warm gift to a child in eastern Ukraine and arrange the process of gathering warm clothes at a school or at work. We invite you to become an answer to a prayer for some child in Donbass.

You can bring warm clothes and shoes to our office in Kiev at 131A-Krasnoarmeyskaya St. (close to Lybidska metro). You can leave the bags with clothes with our guards.

If you live in another town, you can contact us by calling 066 788 22 64 (Lyudmila) and we will give you details on how to mail clothes to the needy children.

You can also mail clothes to Nova Poshta Department #101.

To make a donation for warm clothes here (with a note «clothes for children»)