Caring Christians from Germany sent mattresses, beds, bicycles, wheelchairs, clothes, shoes, baby toys, diapers, heaters and many other useful thing for conflict-affected people of Ukraine. 

The relief goods were transported to the towns of Slavyansk and Mariupol, Donetsk region, and also distributed among missionary centers in eastern Ukraine.

Lady Valentina who is a pensioner escaped from the town of Avdeyevka afflicted by war. She now rents a dormitory room in Slavyansk. The total income of the elderly woman amounts to $70 while she needs to pay $50 for the rent.

«I can hardly afford food and medicines, – shares the lady. Obviously, I cant even think about buying some clothes. Thanks to you, I now have winter clothes and shoes. I am thankful to all caring people who gathered this help for us!”

A mother of two small children from Slavyansk expressed her words of gratitude for warm clothes, winter shoes, running shoes, sheets and baby toys!

Alina Popova, a young mother of 1-year-old baby is internally displaced from Donetsk. In her home town, Alina used to live in the outskirts and her neighborhood was suffering from intensive shelling. She found some friends in Slavyansk who host Alina and her 1-year-old child at their home. Alina left Donetsk with one bag. The girl is grateful to all caring people for this possibility to receive all needed things for her baby!

We express our sincere gratitude to the Communitas Katholische Jugend and to Thomas Kretschmann  for the relief goods provided for conflict-affected people in eastern Ukraine!

Dear friends, please, join our efforts in helping the needy people in the east of Ukraine!

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