A very important event for hundreds of children happened in Maryinka on September 1.
With the blessing of Pope Francis and many caring people who donated their finances to help conflict-affected eastern Ukraine, «Zoloty Kliuchik» kindergarten was restored and opened its doors for the children of of front-line Maryinka. After beginning of war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, many children institution stopped working due to damages, no heating, lack of personnel and finances.

But the life goes on, and children are still children, even in the times of war! Just another kindergarten opened its doors for hundreds of toddlers on September 1.

The kids sang songs, recited poems, danced and just were happy to be with their friends. At the moment, they can’t relate to the joy of the adults who had been waiting for this day for the last three years. Before the opening ceremony, the parents mopped the floors, cleaned windows, put up the toys and wiped tears from their faces.

Victor, a father of 4-year-old boy, shared his emotions, «I grew up in this kindergarten. My best memories were born here. Some of the nannies who took care of me as a child still work here today. It’s wonderful to know that the kindergarten opens again to serve our children. We thank Pope Francis and all of the people who donated their money to restore the heating system in the kindergarten and arranged for this celebration!»

The reconstruction works at the kindergarten were carried out by CBN-Emmanuel as the Executive Partner of «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative. The heat pipeline was attached to an autonomous mobile boiler facility allowing the kindergarten not to be dependent on the damaged central heating system.  The cost of works and equipment amounts to 239,920 UAH (over $9,000).

CBN-Emmanuel continues construction works at another kindergarten Rucheyekwhere the cost of works amounts to 948, 720 UAH ($36,000). This kindergarten is located in a place that allows children from several neighboring villages to attend it. 78 applications from parents have been received at the time and the parents have been participating in construction works as volunteers.

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all caring Catholic Christians for answering his call to help the conflict-affected population of Donbass!