Friends, festive dinner, cake, gifts … The lights on the Christmas tree garlands are still running in the corner of the room.  In the corner of the room still running lights on a Christmas tree garlands. Just the words are not about the New Year. All congratulate each other on Christmas.

It is a good holiday! It is a family and very warm holiday, even if the frosty weather is behind the windows. But do all the people know who was born on Christmas?

The servers from “School of Life” project of “Emmanuel” Association told the kids about it in Kurakhovo today. It wasn’t enough places for all present children in 400-seat hall in the local Palace of Culture. We had to provide 2 performances. There were songs, contests, “Superbook” cartoon and gifts…

About seven hundred children have heard about the birth of Baby Jesus. Now they know the story of Mary and Joseph, king Herod, Bethlehem, angels telling the shepherds about the Birth of the Savior. We were not told about all this in our childhood. Unfortunately… We made fun of the church, were proud of our atheism and were not afraid to make sin. How many destinies this bravado destroyed. How many people were deceived and have gone to hell …

Thank God for the present Ukraine. We’re not waving the bloody flag. We teach the children to love our neighbor, forgive and pray for our enemies. We understand that one day we will have to answer not only for words and actions, but even for our thoughts. And no one could find excuses before God, but for Baby Jesus would come on the Earth. The Son of God went through His earthly way, was crucified on the cross on Calvary and took our sins on Himself… My and your excuse is only in Him. He is our only Way to God. That is why the billions of Christians around the world have so reverent attitude towards Christmas Holiday. Birthday of Jesus Christ!

The teachers of our schools are not ashamed of this today. Millions of Ukrainian children know about the Lord today. But it is pleasant that missionaries go on and on talking about it, that Christians organize wonderful Christmas Holidays not only in churches but also in the streets, clubs and Palaces of Culture. For example, such as in the frontline Kurakhovo.

We thank “Emmanuel” Association. We thank the sponsors – the members of «Christian Bible Church» from Portland. The gifts for the children from Kurakhovo were bought for their money. We thank all the guests of the festival – the boys, the girls, their parents and school teachers – for their sincerely rejoicing the Birth of Jesus.

Gennady Novikov, the press-center of “Emmanuel” Association

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