«Medical Mobile Clinic» is crowded again.

Many people are registering for doctors’ appointments and asking questions. Those who have already signed up are waiting for their appointments by doctors’ offices.

Since December 5, “Medical Mobile Clinic” has been implementing the second medical project aimed at providing free medical assistance to IDPs (internally displaced persons) in the framework of cooperation with the “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative.

Visitors at the clinic openly talk about themselves and share their difficulties. «It’s so great to have this opportunity to receive this kind of help! Many organizations that previously helped us, do not support us any more. Thankfully, we feel so well-accepted here at the clinic»

This time, an online registration is available to internally displaced persons in need of medical assistance. 273 people have already registered online. 100 of them were issued medical history cards and have made their appointments.

Lyubov Artemovna left Lugansk with her grandson in 2014. In Kyiv, the woman stays at her friends’ home – with the total income of 2200 UAH (about $80) renting a house in the capital is simply unreal.

Back home in Luhansk, Lyubov had left her elderly husband. This year, after Lyubov’s husband had a heart attack, she had to go to Lugansk for the first time in three years.

 I literally could not recognize my home town. It had a totally different atmosphere with totally different people», – Lubov Artemovna recalls with sadness.

«I would gladly take my husband here and try to survive together somehow.. But he said that he would die in his own home … My friend helped me before, but because of all of the stress, she had cancer and died not long ago. Now, there’s no one to look after her husband... “

 Lyubov Artemovna suffers from liver hepatosis and high blood pressure. Twice a year she needs to undergo a survey. This time, thanks to the medical project, Lyubov Artemovna had a chance to complete her annual medical examination for free!

Thank you very much for such help! Thank you for not forgetting about us

We thank Pope Francis and all caring Catholic Christians who responded to the call for help for victims of the Donbass!