With the support of “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative, an activity space for children was renovated and reopened in the frontline town of Mayorsk, Donetsk region.

This room initially belonged to the local kindergarten but when the war started the building became the headquarters for the military-civil administration. Children living in the villages of Bakhmutka, Zhovanka, Pesky (Zaitsevo) had no place where they could gather and spend leisure time. At the moment, there are over 40 children aged 1 to 18 years living in these frontline villagers.

«Pope for Ukraine» Initiative decided to help renovate an activity space for children and provided financing for purchase of construction materials to repair the ceiling, floor, walls and purchased new windows and doors.

In early December, the repair in the activity space was finished! “Emmanuel” Association in partnership with its partners decided to organize an opening event. Many people prepared for this celebration – they bought sweets and gathered gifts for children and Orphan’s Promise team prepared an exciting celebration program.

On December 16, the opening event with presents, fun contests and master classes for all the children of the villages took place in the newly remodeled activity room!

The celebration was bright, cheerful and family-like! Children played, decorated a Christmas tree, talked to each other and took pictures.

Now these frontline children and teenagers will have a space where they can play, develop and communicate. It is also planned that children and their families will have a chance to talk to a psychologist and attend trainings.

We would like to thank «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative for the provided financial assistance and express our gratitude to Yelena Razvadovskaya for her dedicated ministry to the children of the war. We are thankful to Orphan’s Promise team for their concert program and to all caring friends and partners whose prayers help us move on!