Just a few days ago, we met this little girl in Berdyansk. Nastya was curiously looking at us holding her favorite doll close to her heart and telling us something in her childish language. She is only 13 months old. She is still a baby but were she able to talk, she could have told you more than many of us would. She could have told you how scared she was when she was taken away from her mother and father. She could have told you about the people with white gauze bandage on their faces and how they carried her into the room with very bright light … and how they tied her tightly to the operating table…  She could have told you how she was crying and how much she wanted to be with her mother…

The baby went through seven complicated surgeries. Seven! Unfortunately, the Ukrainian doctors were unable to help her. Still, there is a hope that the girl will have just one more surgery after which she will forget about the disease forever. Nastya and her parents are flying to the Serbian clinic of Dr. Dzhynovich.

Nastya is the second daughter in the family of Sergei and Julia Dakhno. Lisa, the older daughter, is 5 years old. She loves her younger sister and she is praying for Nastya’s fast recovery together with her Mom and Dad. We are also praying for that now. We are praying because we can’t forget Nastya’s laughter and the way she cuddles her old doll … It’s impossible not to feel the pain that her parents are experiencing while preparing for the eighth surgery.

Nastya was born with the bladder exstrophy, a rare and a very complex pathology of urinary-genital system. Her whole urinary system is a mess making one complicated node with the bladder outside the body… It leaks all the time because the fluid corrodes its walls and they are getting inflamed repeatedly.

The disease is not new to medical care and it can be cured with the help of a surgery.  It is goes successfully, the child will grow up healthy but what is really needed is a surgeon from God.


“When Nastya was just two months old, she was getting her first surgery and then another one. I was more and more afraid of each following surgery. – Nastya’s mother says. – How would it go? She underwent the fourth surgery and then the fifth one and the doctors supported us and gave us hope. Then we heard the same phrase that the next surgery was needed. I began to read about Nastya’s disease on the Internet. I learned the available information and started corresponding with the mothers of children suffering from the same disease. It turned out that medical treatment of exstrophy is very risky in Ukraine as there is no modern equipment and the doctors do not have the necessary experience. However, such surgeries are successfully provided in Europe, Israel and in America…

It’s impossible to remember everything that Dakhno family has gone through in just one year. Let it remain in the past. We believe that Ukrainian doctors sincerely wanted to help Nastya and did everything they could. And now…

I’m walking along the streets of Kiev. It is raining. Somewhere on a plane over these rain clouds there is a little girl sitting in the arms of her parents. This little girl our Nastya. She is probably playing loudly or sleeping quietly. In Vienna, they will transfer to another plane. In Serbia, the clinic of doctor Dzhinovich has carried out hundreds of successful surgeries on children with exstrophy. Nastya’s surgery will be successful. You’ll see! We are praying for this to our Heavenly Father. Lord, please, help her! Bless this baby. Hold the surgeon’s hands in Your strong Hands. May Nastya return home healthy. May she grow wise and strong and be happy in love … May she give birth to her own sons and daughters … In the name of Jesus Christ!

We thank everyone who helped Sergey and Yulia Dahno in raising finances for the surgery. “Emmanuel” Association has covered only a part of the cost of the surgery, because we learned about Nastya, when money was almost collected. We are happy to be involved in this process and thankful for the possibility to help.

Gennady Novikov, Press-center of “Emmanuel” Association.

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.

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