The war in Eastern Ukraine has left this family homeless not once, but twice.

We took a picture of these girls in Uglegorsk a couple of days before the terrible battles began. There are five kids in this family: two older brothers and three sisters. But after their home was hit by a shell and destroyed by fire, the parents took their children to a friend’s home in another part of town, as they thought it was safer.

We collected assistance for this family in our church: bunk-beds, clothes, copybooks and textbooks. But there wasn’t time to deliver all this aid to Uglegorsk before the town was bombed to the point that it was impossible to reach.



I am concerned about this family not only because they lost their home but because this war took away all they had for the second time. 20 years ago the parents of this family, then with only one little son, escaped from the war that had engulfed their home in Tajikistan. They were looking for a place to live in peace and to find work. They found refuge in Ukraine. The father and the eldest son worked in the coalmines. They purchased a house, a cow, and settled into their lives in Ukraine.   Now this war in Ukraine has taken their home, all their belongings and their documents…

Please pray for this family and that God will provide and keep them safe.

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