by Gennadiy Novikov, February 2015, “Emmanuil” Association press-center

Heavy battles have raged in the town of Uglegorsk. People are have been forced to take shelter in root cellars and basements. Finding a method of evacuation is challenging, yet some families and even some of the elderly have tried to flee in the direction of Debaltsevo when there is reprieve in the shooting. They carry with them only what they can. One man lugs a heavy suitcase along the icy road. The people don’t yet know that there are no buses from Debaltsevo to any destination. There is fighting taking place there as well. Only the bravest volunteers risk driving in, putting 30 refugees at a time into the bus designed for just 13 passengers.

Only a few days ago volunteers were working in Uglegorsk, delivering food bags to the sick and elderly and providing them with medicine.

The requests they receive from people in need are never ending:

A shell fell into the house of our neighbors. The walls were destroyed and the roof fell down. Everything was burned. A family with three children lived there. They stay in the root cellar. They were left without clothing….”

“For several months now, my wife can’t get up from her bed. Her legs have become paralyzed. Do you have awheelchair?

The same needs, day after day. They receive countless telephone calls and crowds of people surround them asking for bags of food. They need to respond as best they can, but with limited volunteers it is a challenge.

I don’t know how they are now. I visited them almost a week ago while delivering food products from “Emmanuil” Association.” There is no telephone connection with Uglegorsk as phones don’t function there now. We pray for the people from the town and about those who are trying to do good even in the epicenter of the war.

(Emmanuel Charity Association’s staff continues to help the people of the South-East of Ukraine. You can bring packages with warm clothing and food to our office at: Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 131-A, Kiev, and leave at the security point. )

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