CBN-Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic” has continued registration of internally displaced people from war-affected zone in eastern Ukraine.

The clinic provides comfortable conditions for each visitor, the work of the staff is clearly coordinated and each patient is able to undergo a medical check-up without waiting in lines for hours.

About 30 patients come to the “Medical Mobile Clinic” every day for their first visit. 500 patients were registered since the start of the project and 342 of them have already completed medical examinations.

One of our patients, Olena K, has 3 small children. Her youngest child was only 1 month old when the war broke out in their home town of Donetsk.

My husband and I did not plan to leave our home town for a long time. We took only some basic things with us. We hoped that Donetsk would be freed soon, as it had happened with Slavyansk and Kramatorsk “, Olena shares. At first, the family lived in Kyiv, but after the rental payment went up, Olena and her family had to move to a shelter for internally displaced persons at a church in Kotsiubinske village, Kyiv region.

Olena is a teacher and she currently works as a kindergarten tutor. Her work difficult and demanding, especially with the health problems Olena has been facing. The young mother is suffering from encephalopathy (a neurological disease of the brain that is accompanied with severe pains, blood circulation disorders, and death of nerve cells). With this diagnosis, Olena needs to undergo a detailed medical examination every 6 months. However, due to war, the last medical examination she had was in 2014, when they still lived in Donetsk!

Luckily, at the shelter, Olena heard about this medical project organized by CBN-Emmanuel in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. After being registered, Olena underwent a complete medical examination by specialists (therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, gynecologist), had all necessary test done (including ECG and Ultra sound exams) and received recommendations on further treatment of her chronic disease. And this means that she will have less problems with her health in the future.

I want to thank everyone who organized this project. It was an answer to my biggest need – just like a breath of fresh air! They say that it’s better to never visit doctors, but to the doctors like the ones I met at “Medical Mobile Clinic” you should go! They listened and tried to understand me, gave me some medical advice and showed real care! And this actually cures better than pills!»

In addition to therapeutic assistance, within the framework of the project, IDPs have the opportunity to undergo dental treatment. As of January 10, 48 adults and children used the services of a dentist at “Medical Mobile Clinic”.

At our dentist’s office, we met Olena’s husband Viktor and her daughter Viktoria. Both of them were very happy and grateful!

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all Catholic Christians from Europe who answered the Popes call for help the conflict-affected people of Donbass!