“Convoy of Hope” Organization has been CBN-Emmanuel’s long-time friend and partner.

Since 2015, “Convoy of Hope” has brought heat and warmth to hundreds of people in need in the war-affected eastern Ukraine.

This winter, Emmanuel’s team distributed 34 wood-burning stoves in the town of Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region. These stoves can be both used for heating and for cooking and they can be installed even in apartment buildings!

Also, 44 tons of solid fuel (1 ton of peat briquettes per family) were distributed to residents of Zalizne, Donetsk region and Zolote, Luhansk region. Mainly, our beneficiaries were large families and elderly people, who can’t afford it to buy way to expensive fuel for heating. Despite the cold, congestions and snow storms, fuel briquettes were successfully delivered to the towns and “CBN-Emmanuel’s” team brought the long-awaited heat to people’s homes.

We are grateful to “Convoy of Hope Europe” and «Emmanuel» Association! Not only did you bring warmth to people’s homes but also were able to encourage them and bring them hope for a better future. Thanks to your acts of kindness, people praise God and become kinder themselves” , said Tetyana Solovyova, missionary from the town of Zalizne.

We thank all the friends and partners of “Convoy of Hope” Organization, who responded to the call to help the victims of war in Donbass!

Друзья, если вы хотите вместе с нами помогать людям, которые живут в прифронтовых городах, можете перечислить финансовую поддержку через наш сайт или сообщите нам о своем желании стать партнером по телефону 0-800-50-77-50.