The windows in this apartment were destroyed in the fall of 2014 by a bomb blast. The doors of the wardrobes and drawers fell down and stained-glass panels of the buffet crashed down.

At first, the people of Krasnogorovka were trying to fix these problems. They would replace windows and fix the furniture believing that the shelling would be over soon. Then then started nailing up windows with wood or sheets of metal. It made the situation even worse. In an explosion, such a window is being torn out with the framework. The ones who didn’t want to continue fighting, would brick the window area up. It’s dark but it’s secure too. Many of the locals escaped leaving their broken apartments in rain, wind and freezing cold.

Two winters have passed by. The people have become tired of wandering around other people’s homes. They still own their apartments but have no place to live. They are coming back and start cleaning their homes of broken stones and shattered glass. They are putting up new windows and are trying to get back to normal life, old or new. Their main problem is the mold. In the two years the walls of the deserted buildings have been soaked with wetness. The wallpapers are falling down with the plaster. It’s difficult to get warm inside of the apartment even when it’s warm outside. There is no central heating and they can’t really dry up the walls with the help of electric heaters. What can they do?

They can warm up the rooms with the help of potbelly stoves. They can burn the firewood day and night… Only after a week of such fighting the apartment will be alive again. They can paint the walls later and hang up new curtains… In time… April sun and the wind with help in the process. Then the summer will come.. and they will live again!

Tatiana Morozova believes this. She hopes that her son and his family will return to Krasnogorovka. She believes that they will have the same normal life they had before the war.

Our Partners, “Help Age International” have provided finances to purchase a potbelly stove for the Morozov family. Warmth has returned to just another home.

Gennady NOVIKOV, Press-center Emmanuel Association

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.

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