We had the most pleasant impressions after visiting this house in Krasnogorivka during our monitoring visit.

Tatyana is 56 and she lives by herself.  Her only source of income is her small salary. A neat house, tastefully arranged furniture and no dust around gives out her profession-she is a paramedic. There are many magnets with positive quotations on her fridge reminding the hostess that there is a sense and hope for each person, even in war!

The last three winters, since the beginning of the war, had been a real trial for me,- Tatiana tells us her story, – I had to heat the house with an electric heater. I had to spend almost my whole salary to pay the electricity bills but the heater still didn’t give enough warmth – the highest temperature I was able to reach was 7 to 120C. But still, it was a “plus” temperature, otherwise I would have frozen to death, like dozens of old people have in the winter of 2015. When I go to work, I turn off the heater – you can’t leave it unattended. Obviously, when I return after work, the temperature at home is freezing. After warming myself a little in the evening I turn the heater off again for the night – I’m afraid that there might be a fire while I’m asleep. And I wake up frozen to the bones.

That’s how I endured the last three winters … that’s why I really fell in love with summer. After all, only at this time of the year you may enjoy the summer warmth and you don’t have to do anything to warm yourself.

Now that I have this boiler, I can love the winter too. It was quite a surprise for me that they brought me some peat briquettes with the boiler! Everything was thought out so well by someone! Thank you!!! I can’t remember when my house was so warm before! Life is getting better!”

This is how a normal life is gradually returning to the frontline town of Krasnohorivka bringing a hope for peace! The residents of Krasnohorivka are grateful to “CBN-Emmanuel” and to the “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative for the provided help.

Thanks to the project “Bringing warmth to every home”, hundreds of families have been warmed up. Now they can enjoy their winters with its beautiful snowy decorations without being afraid of cold!

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all Catholic Christians from Europe who answered the Popes call for help the conflict-affected people of Donbass!