by GENNADIY NOVIKOV, October 2014

They asked us to take them with us. We were delivering cereal, sugar, and diapers to the towns near the front line and villages of Donbas. Bogdan and Vityok joined us on the trip in their old minivan. They provided their own van and gas, financed the purchase of three thousands loafs of bread and distributed it in Krasnogorovka. And then…they didn’t go home. They stayed with us and for 8 more days and agreed to transport cargo to refugees or those living near the front line.

Bogdan wrote me on Facebook yesterday: “When is your next outreach? We will join you.”

Thank you, friends. Thank you, volunteers of CBN Emmanuel for your open hearts, for your desire to donate your time and all you have done for the sake of those in need of help.

Picture of volunteers of “Emmanuil” Charity Association – Bogdan from Kiev and Arthur from Krasnogorovka.

Picture of Viktor, unloading the truck and giving out the packages with food sets to the needy.

Gennadiy Novikov, “Emmanuil” Association