«Superbook Is Gathering its Friends” this was the name of festive events held in Slavyansk and Mirgorod on May 31 and June 1 for children from various towns and villages of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

A total of 440 children gathered at the festivities.  Orphan’s Promise’ “School of Life” Project and “Superbook Club” with the support of  the humanitarian and concert departments of CBN-Emmanuel were the main organizers of the event.

The children were divided into 10 teams and each team was able to spend time at various activity stations. Children participated in sports quests, jumped on trampolines, blew bubbles, ate cotton candy, enjoyed tea and cookies and, of course, were able to make new friends.

We did our best to get the children out of the war zone. Here, the children were able to spend time in a safe place and in a cozy environment. Many of them have been attending our Superbook Club meetings and are already familiar with God – they read the Bible and watch Superbook cartoons”, says the coordinator of “Children of War” project, Tatiana Serdyuk.

After many fun activities and sweet treat outside, the children watched a performance with funny actors, colorful costumes and an instructive story. They were happy to see their favorite character, robot Robik, who had become a true friend for them.

After the concert, children and their parents shared their impressions of the holiday.

I liked everything, especially the concert. I’ve really enjoyed it. I also attend Superbook Club meetings and I like the characters there who help to know God”, shares Sergey Generalov from Toretsk.

Yelena, the mother of 2-year-old Ilya, shares, “This performance was wonderful. My child is still small and he may not have understood everything, but he looked super happy! The atmosphere at the concert was great, and everything was organized very well. My son really liked the performance and we are very happy!  Thank you for this wonderful time. I will definitely enroll my son into the Superbook Club.  We try to instill Christian values in him, read the Bible and watch biblical stories with robot Robick”.

Nastya Shmyreva shares, “I really liked  the game and tricks during the concert. I attend “Superbook Club” and Ruth is one of my favorite characters – she is caring and wise, I want to be like her. And I also like the story about David”.

Alisa Chornokaya said, “The atmosphere was cool, unlike at home, where I feel sad most of the times. I’m glad that Robick was there too. I have been attending a “Superbook Club” for about 1 or 2 months. At the club meetings we do various tasks and memorize Bible verses”.

Tatyana Serdyuk notes that such a celebration was held for the first time and it passed safely.

We are happy that the children have only good memories of this day!