Boris B.  will soon have a double surgery and while waiting for his surgery, Boris eagerly talks to the journalists.

Like many other people who had been displaced from Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Boris had a unique chance to become a beneficiary of the medical project organized by “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative in partnership with CBN-Emmanuel. During his first visit to the “Medical Mobile Clinic” in Kyiv, the man was thoroughly examined. After hearing his disturbing diagnoses, Boris was sent to the Institute of Urology at the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. His diagnoses were confirmed and a surgery scheduled.

It appeared that Boris has been suffering from two diseases for many years – bladder stones and prostate tumors. On June 12, he will have a laparoscopic surgery  – a non-invasive surgery without any incisions of the abdominal cavity. Boris is very happy about this medical option because he considers such a surgery safe for his health.

“It became a pleasant surprise to me that the “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative covered all of my medical expenses including examination, surgery and treatment. I could never have paid it myself! I am very grateful both to “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative and to the doctors of the  “Medical Mobile Clinic” – they treat their patients with special care and care” – Boris says thankfully.

The man could never be able to afford this treatment on his own. In July 2014, when military actions began in Luhansk, Boris and his wife left their home and left for Kamensky. The same year, Boris’ wife returned home, and Boris now moves between the two homes. He says that he feels obligated to return home from time to time because he has his apartment and his parents’ graves there. Both of their sons also left their home town – one immigrated to Poland, and the other one moved to Kyiv. Thankfully, the son living in Kyiv is now able to visit his father. Boris says that he is not worried about the future surgery. Firstly, he had no time to think about it and, secondly, he trusts the qualified doctors and believes that the surgery will be successful and he’ll be able to live a full life again!

We thank Pope Francis and all the caring people in all the Catholic Churches who answered tthe call to help for the victims of Donbass!