The children living on the front-lines of military conflict in eastern Ukraine who have ever experienced life under shelling, don’t smile too often. On the eve of St. Nickolas’ Day, missionary team of “Good News” Church of Slavyansk were able to organize a real celebration for local kids.
The children watched a Christian cartoon together, had some tea, participated in competitions and played games and these activities broke the ice in their little hearts. Their faces were shining with smiles. 
 «It’s so good to have such a community center in our town. Children always feel welcomed and loved here. The missionaries teach them right things», – share their happy parents.

We are grateful to USAID, Mercy Corps for organizing this celebration and for the sweet gifts. Emmanuel Association is the executive Partner in Child Protection Program.

If you want to join us in helping the people of front-line towns, you can make a donation via our web-site or let us know about your desire to become our partner by calling us 0800-50-77-50.