salimchikSalim is a wonderful child. The boy is only 7 years old but he loves God and he is dreaming about becoming a pastor. He used to go to church with his mother and grandmother who were the dearest people in the boy’s life.

It’s difficult to find words to describe the terrible thing that happened to Salim last month. His mother suddenly died of thrombosis right in her son’s arms. Salim didn’t want to give up believing that God was able to raise his mother from the dead. He kept crying and saying, «I believe that my Mom will survive! I really believe it! Jesus was raising people from the dead and I believe that God is able to raise my mother too»!  When asked, what if the Lord wants to take his mother, Salim replied «I will still keep praying and believing. If it’s not time for my Mum to die, may the Lord raise her»!

At the moment Salim is living with his grandmother in terrible conditions. The apartment hasn’t been renovated for a long time, the furniture is shabby and the wallpapers are covered with fungus.

After the funeral, Salim’s grandmothers has no money left and their only income is her small pension.

Dear friends, we cant be indifferent to this situation. Salim and his grandmother really need to live in a better home. They both believe that the Lord will not leave them. 

We announce a fundraising company. We want to raise $3500  for the repair of Salim’s apartment. We will use the money to buy the necessary materials for ground cleavage, fillers and wallpapers to fix their apartment.

Please join us in helping Salim and his grandmother! You can make a donation here.

Собрано: 100%

Собрано: $ 3 500

Общая сумма: $3500




Needed finances for Salim’s apartment are raised! Thank you for your donations!