Elderly persons with disabilities living in war-affected eastern Ukraine have been fighting for life for over 6 years now.

They are facing major difficulties trying to get warm in the winter, trying to get life-saving health care and to buy the needed medicines and even food.

CBN-Emmanuel has been receiving a lot of requests to help them buy medicines. Tiny pensions, chronic diseases, war and all of the related stresses have put these people in an unbearable life situation making them ask for help.

Since the beginning of war in eastern Ukraine back in 2014, CBN-Emmanuel has been providing humanitarian assistance to war-affected population through medical outreach, facilitating life-saving surgeries and providing medications for those in need.

«I have never seen an angel in my life. But you can be sure that angels on earth are ordinary people who care enough. And it is this feature that matters the most to God», shares Valentina, a disabled person from Krasnohorivka who was one of our beneficiaries who received help thanks to support of our Partners.

Please, join our project “Providing medicines for elderly persons living at war”. We are starting a fundraising campaign for the needy for the total amount of 26,000 UAH ($1,000 USD).

Even a small contribution can save someone’s life!

Собрано: 27%

Collected: 265$

Total amount: 1 000$