48-year-old Victoria has been living in the small village of Slavne in now war-affected Donetsk region since she was born.

Everyone in her family could fit into their small house, but it’s become really unbearable to live without any normal communications for over half a century. As she was talking to CBN-Emmanuel’s team who came to their village to distribute seeds, the woman shared with tears in her eyes:

Thank you very much for the planting seeds that you brought to us! However, the water in our wells went down. How will we be able to water the garden? We used to have at least some water for drinking and bathing, despite the fact that the water analysis does not comply with sanitary standards. And now the situation is so desperate that we have to collect rain water! There are no grocery stores in the village but the problem with water is even more vital!”

It is especially difficult to survive without water for the families with young children.

Victoria, her children and grandchildren have to take water from the only well available for the whole village, even in the fierce winter. It takes 6-7 buckets of water for the family every day – for drinking, cooking and washing. In the summer, when children spend most of the time outside, they need even more water for doing laundry.

The family has no money for building a new well or installing water supply communications in the house. The only working person in the family is husband Gregory. He works as a security guard in an agricultural company in neighboring Novomikhaylivka village making only 3700 UAH (less than $140) per month.

Victoria’s daughter with her two young children live not far from Victoria’s house. The youngest granddaughter is one and the grandson is four. These are the children who have never seen the civilized world or used any human amenities inside the house.

The visits of CBN-Emmanuel’s team is always awaited by the residents of Slavne village. We always bring them food and the second spring in a row we bring them seeds for planting gardens with literally help the local families to survive.

Many organizations have stopped their humanitarian activities in our village since 2016. And without exaggeration, the only ones left to help us are you (CBN) and the Ukrainian army who also help us. The food products and seeds that you have been providing us are our only chance to survive. I really hope you won’t be finishing your projects here because we won’t be able to survive in this village without you! ” – Victoria said.

CBN-Emmanuel’s team wants to continue its humanitarian activities in eastern Ukraine knowing that  there are tens of thousands of people like Victoria in need of relief. Thanks to our donors and partners we are able to continue our work.

Any contribution matters and will prevent families with children in distant villages from falling into the abyss.

By Anna Chaban