One-year-old Bogdana was delivered to the burns department of Kramatorsk city hospital with serious burns. By accident, the girl threw a kettle of boiling water over herself. 30% of her skin was damaged. Her chances for survival were 50/50, according to the doctors.

The baby underwent an urgent surgery with transplantation of artificial skin regularly purchased for Kramatorsk hospital by Emmanuel Association.

Bogdana needed expensive post-surgery rehabilitation which Bogdana’s mother couldn’t afford.
19-year old mother Katya who grew up in an orphanage, spent the whole time of her pregnancy hiding from shellings in the basements of Dontesk. At the moment, the family rents an apartment in Kramatorsk spending more than half of her monthly income for the rent.

Many people participated in salvation of little Bogdana – Sergey Demidovich, the Good News Chruch of SLavyansk as well as many caring people from Ukraine, USA and Germany.
Just in one day we raised the amount needed for her rehabilitation – 22 000 UAH!
At the moment, Bogdana is recovering and her life is out of danger. The girl receives all necessary treatment and food.

Please, watch a short video of Bogdana produced by the team of Slavyansk pastor Sergey Demidovych.

We are thankful to everyone who joined us in our efforts of saving the life of little Bogdana!
We remind you that the staff of Association of Mercy «Emmanuel» continue helping the people living in the southeast of Ukraine. You can participate by brining the bags with warm clothes and food to our Kyiv office at 131-A Krasnoarmeyskaya St. and leave them with the guards. You can also help the internally displaced people by providing financial help. You can make a donation here