«Please, don’t show me anywhere, – this was the request of 54-year old Mariya from Krasnogorovka. – Are you taking notes? Are you going to put it up on the Internet? The whole country will be able to see this?» This old lady feels embarrassed; she doesn’t want her picture to be taken. She looks older than her 54.

– Auntie Masha, you could at least present your profile to the camera, – says one of the local deacons who accompanied me to Krasnogorovka.

– But the whole world will see me in this disgrace…

– Please, stop. There are so many people living like you.


Mariya is ashamed of her current living conditions.

The only place where she invited us to come was her kitchen with the potbelly stove in it. She wouldn’t let us come to her other room where she has been sleeping lately.

– There are no windows in there. Everything is stuck with pillows and blankets. This war destroyed everything I had. I actually live in that room, but I don’t let anyone in there. It serves me as a kitchen, a bedroom and a living-room, all in one.

Kranogorovka has been living without gas supply for almost two years now. The water supply was restored only a couple of months ago. There is running water, but it’s cold. To warm some water for showering, doing dishes and cleaning the locals use potbelly stoves. Of course if they have one.


In Mariya’s apartment building the water supply wasn’t restored. The pipes in her house are too old, so there is no running water. They normally bring water for everyday use from the backyard.


Mariya used to work in a local plant. Now she works as a street cleaner. However, since the beginning of war, most of the people are on unpaid leave. Mariya has no other income – she is too young to be able to receive the pension.


«We are only able to survive thanks to the Church. I have no idea how we could be still alive if it hadn’t been for the Church. The church people feed us and give us bread. They provide us with everything we need. They are not leaving us alone with our troubles. They are helping us with everything. I can’t stop saying this to other people. It is only thanks to the Church that we are able to survive».


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