Timka is the youngest son of Vladimir and Anna Gaydash from the village of Zaitsevo, Donetsk region.
We met this family during one of our trips to the frontline towns. As we were entering Zaitsevo village, we had some fears. This small village is divided into two parts – one part still belongs to Ukraine while the other part is occupied by DNR combatants.
Timka’s house is located right in the middle of the conflict on the separation line!!!
Timka’s mother has just had a stroke, the father couldn’t cope with the sheep and goats and the house didn’t look nice when we saw it.

Timka and his two brothers, 15-year-old Ivan and 8-year-old Nickita haven’t been attending school since 2014. The main thing they have been doing to entertain themselves is picking up shells in their garden.

We had to persuade Vladimir and Anna to leave this dangerous place. Timka and his brothers have been living in constant danger.

On March 30 and 31, 2016, the conflict in Zaitsevo escalated to a new level and we decided to evacuate the family from the zone of danger. We are grateful to you, dear Partners! Thanks to your support this initiative was successfully implemented!

We thank Peter Dudnick, Sergey Demydovych,  Gennady Lusenko and the “Good News” Church of Slavyansk for their help in purchasing a new house for the Gaydash family.

We found a good house in Slavyansk. It has everything what is needed for a safe and happy life – a school, stores and a church within walking distance. The house is warm and it has gas supply.

The move was not a simple one – we had to upload all of the family belongings as well as goats, sheep and dogs. But we made it!

To make this new home cozy for living we purchased some beds, mattresses and bed sheets.

Sergey Demidovych and his team shoot a wonderful video of how Timka and his family moved to a new place. Please, watch this video

We are thankful to everyone who helped Timka and his family to move from the zone of danger to a new cozy place!

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.
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