In order to undergo a medical examination at “Medical Mobile Clinic” in the framework of medical project organized by “CBN-Emmanuel” in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative, Inna came to Kiev from Svitlodarsk, Donetsk region.

The woman lives there in a rented apartment with her 12-year-old son Nazar. Inna’s house located in Raigorodka, Slavyansk area, is not suitable for living any more. There are no available jobs in the town and the family’s monthly budget amounts to 1800 UAH ($65) of “single mother’s” allowance paid by Ukraine’s government. With this amount of money, one can’t really live a normal life.

Inna had no chance to care for her health or visit doctors  and a lot of problems have accumulated over time. Moreover, it appeared that Irina had a fear of doctors because of her previous life experiences (her grandfather died of cancer several years ago).

It was extremely difficult for her friends to persuade her to undergo a physical examination in Kyiv.

A year ago, Inna started attending the local church in Svitlodarsk and now she can’t even imagine her life without God for all these years before. “At first, I came to church to get some humanitarian aid. But when I came to know the people at the church, something really changed in me. I had never experienced such a caring attitude before. I eye-witnessed how many people’s lives changed. People would quit drinking and smoking,” Inna shares.

Thankfully, Inna’s Christian friends cared enough to register her for the medical project online, buy a train ticket to Kyiv and find a place for Inna to stay in Kyiv.

At the “Medical Mobile Clinic” in Kyiv Inna was examined by therapist, dermatologist, gynecologist and she underwent all necessary tests and exams (ultrasound, ECG).

The doctors of the “Medical Mobile Clinic” are not only great professionals but also very attentive people with big hearts. I was able to fully trust them and I was sure that they would be able to help me”, Inna says.

During Inna’s routine exam, OB/gyn doctor, professor Kayukova Taisiya found a condition requiring urgent surgical intervention. Inna’s tests were urgently delivered to a specialized medical facility where two more specialists confirmed the primary diagnosis.  Inna had an urgent surgery just two days later. The problem threatening Inna’s life was eliminated!

This whole trip to Kyiv has become a turning point for me! I totally changed the way I looked at my life before! I was so afraid of the surgery and, to add to my fear, my hemoglobin was very low. My son was really scared too and he could only cry at home and wait for me. All of our fears are in thepast nowJust like the doctors had promised me, I was able to walk on the second day after the surgery and my inner power increased day after day. After 6 days, I was able to leave the clinic and go home several more days later!”

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative for covering all of my surgery expenses. I want to thank “CBN-Emmanuel” and all of the doctors at “Medical Mobile Clinic” who really cared about my health. And I want to especially thank Oksana D., who hosted me at her home and looked after me when I was recovering after the surgery!”

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all Catholic Christians from Europe who answered the Popes call for help the conflict-affected people of Donbass!