Winter came right on time this year. Freezing cold is entering people’s homes. As children say, “Ready or not here I come”.

Tamara Chernysh really wanted to get ready, but she couldn’t. Explosions of mines and shells have been bothering her native town of Krasnogorovka for the last three years.

An addition to her house serving as a kitchen had a hole and the old lady couldn’t afford to fix it. The water froze in the kitchen on the first day of winter. The good thing was that the water pipes didn’t break. Brothers from church told the lady not to turn off the tap and let a small water thread run hoping that God would provide for her.

And God did provide for her when CBN-Emmanuel’s staff brought firewood for Tamara. To have a wood-burning stove at the front line is a great fortune! It gives warmth and allows to cook soup, make tea or warm up some water for cleaning. It’s impossible to survive here without a wood-burning stove.

Lady Tamara doesn’t live by herself. She cares for three teenager grandchildren who have been living at her house for the last 12 years. They were still preschoolers when their mother died. Their father couldn’t care for the children and work.  The whole family abides in Christ and are a part of the local church. They help at the church services and participate in all Christian celebrations.

What else can I say about this family? How can I describe you this life under shelling with less than $50 of pension with three grandchildren? You could shoot a movie worth an Oscar prize. For some people, this life would look like real art while the others would think that one can go crazy in a situation like that without God. But God does protect the life of all members of lady Tamara’s family and He keeps their hearts clean and thankful. I would say, it’s a real miracle to see bright smiles and kind words in the midst of the hatred of war.

ay there always be warm at your home, lady Tamara. May the three of your grandchildren, Vova, Nastya and Sasha live in peace and may their dreams come true. May the Lord answer all of our prayers, in Jesus’ name!

On behalf of CBN-Emmanuel we express gratitude to First Slavic Pentecostal Church of Albany, (pastor Petr Levchenko), Evangelical Church South Rever, (pastor Sergey Papirnyk), Russian Church of Albany (pastor Sergey Katko). Thank you for the donated finances for firewood!

Gannady NOVIKOV, CBN-Emmanuel

If you can join our efforts of helping the needy people living in frontline town and villages, you can make a donation via our web-site  or by calling our hot line 0800-50-77-50.