We found Little Katyusha from Zaitsevo village (Donetsk region) with the help of Ukrainian soldiers. The girl lived in an old house with her mum and dad where they were under violent shellings every day.

On the 22nd of April we posted a request for help on our web recourses. Little girl needed in urgentevacuation and the purchase of a new house in the safe place. We found a comfortable house in Sobolyevka village, near Slavyansk city. The price of a house was $7000 (house, paperwork expenses, furniture, plot of land).

The «Princess from Zaitsevo» video had many views, likes and reposts. The finances were coming from everywhere – Ukraine, The Baltics, Russia and USA.Before we found Katya, the coordinator of relief projects in the war zone Galyna Kucher was praying about the needy people in the East and about the finances from God to cover these needs.

On April 24, Galina received a call from an unknown man.

«Are you Galina? I have watched the video about the girl from Zaitsevo and I would like to meet with you and donate some money for this need».
At that moment, I was visiting my children in the suburbs of Kiev” – tells Galina Kucher.
“ He said, «I can drive over there, give me your address». He called me again an hour later and said, «I am driving along your street». He pulled over a couple of minutes later and said, «Here, this is for Katya and her family. Will you be able to shoot the video of their move?» And he gave me an envelope with the money. I thanked him and we said good-bye. The only contact I had of this man was his phone number.
When I opened the envelope, I found a lot more money than we asked for the whole project! I couldn’t move in awe! I was reminded of my prayer and of the fact that God answered it so fast! When I came to myself, I wrote a text message to this person, saying: «You are an answer to my prayer. I am amazed to tears. I was praying 5 days ago asking God to intervene for the poor and disadvantaged! There is so much pain and troubles around, there are so many requests for help. I break down for every situation taking it as my personal grief. I have been calling to God asking «Lord, if you send people in need into my life, please, send another person who is able to help». You are an answer to prayer in this situation and a real confirmation that this family needed exactly what we had planned for them». He wrote me back saying «Thank you too!».

At the moment, we have raised over $11,000 for Katya and her family!!!

Katya’s family is evacuated from the dangerous place! Now the girl with her family are living in the Сenter for the internally displaced persons of the “Good News” Church.The last arrangements arehaving place for a home warming in a new house.

Thanks to everyone who were with us in this evacuation process!
1.The family of Vasiliy Budik and Natalia Budik
2. Lysenko Genadiy
3. Aleksander Reshetnik
4. Sergey Demidovich
5. civil-military administration representatives
6. Center for the internally displaced persons of the “Good News” Church
7. The team of TV_TOGETHER for the video

And we want to thank those who prayed, donated finances for this family. It wouldn’t happen without your involvement!

In the next couple of days, we will provide a video and the report on the donated finances. The rest of the money will be used for the needs for children like Katya and we will be informing you on how we use it.
To help such children as Katyusha you can here