We met Luba Moroz in Makatykha village, Slavyansk area, Donetsk region. Everyone there knows Luba and her life story. Her daughter has been heavily drinking and Luba had to undertake guardianship over her four grandsons. Her life has been swirling since. School, homework, cooking food, washing, cleaning and still she had to listen to each of the grandsons. Luba did everything on time and she never complained about her life. Besides, the woman had to take care of her elderly mother. Her love and care was enough for the while family. When you talk to this woman, you can feel the inner warmth coming from her and start feeling a great respect for this nice hardworking woman.

When Slavyansk came under occupation, she had to take children to a safe place. She left her home and a husband and went to live at her relatives’ home. After a month, when Luba came back to her home town she was shocked to find out that her husband was killed and the house was devastated by thieves.

This was a real stroke of misfortune for the woman. Luba didn’t know where to go with the four young grandsons and an elderly mother at her hands.

Christian volunteers from Emmanuel Association and the Good News Church of Slavyanks came to help the family. They decided to build a new home for Luba because her old house couldn’t be reconstructed. It took about one month to build a new home. A team of qualified workers were working all days since early morning till late at night. Luba participated in the process of construction too – she cooked food for volunteers and helped in every possible way.

In the end of September the family celebrated the long-awaited home-warming where Luba welcomed all of the people who had been supporting her family during all this time.

“It feels so nice to be a part of such a big miracle”, – said Galina Kucher, the director of social projects of Emmanuel Association.

Building a new house is a real miracle in the region where poverty and devastation are reigning. It is a miracle from God and all caring people whom the Lord uses to help people in need.

“If I could be continuously saying “thank you” to everyone who helped us – from morning till night for the next five years, it would still not be enough”, – shares Luba with tears in her eyes.
Looking in Luba’s eyes and seeing the happiness of this wond erful woman, you feel like saying that doing good things is the most wonderful job in the world!!

There are still many more families in the east of Ukraine who need your help. Their homes are destroyed and devastated, their dear ones are killed and they don’t have enough money for food. If you would like to help people like them, you can joint us today. It’s so easy to do good.

Photo: of construction process.

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.
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