The fall of 2019 has become a season of joy and hope for residents of Maryinka and Krasnogorivka.

As soon as the first night frosts struck, Emmanuel Charity Association delivered 680 tons of sunflower briquettes and installed 70 solid fuel boilers to the most vulnerable people with disabilities. This project that brings warmth to hundreds of families affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine is supported by UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

Yarova Antonina is one of the disadvantaged pensioners, who was caught by this terrible war by surprise. The woman lives in an apartment building in Krasnohorivka which is now almost empty – 90% of the residents had left escaping from war. Due to the damages of gas pipe lines, there has been no gas supply in the town since 2014.

Now, thanks to the financial support provided by Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, it is finally warm in Antonina’s apartment – a solid-fuel heater was installed in her home and she was provided with 3,4 tons of sunflower briquettes for the whole winter.I will be able to survive this winter that’s to the support of caring people like you! It’s so nice and warm at home now!” – Antonina shares with a smile.

70-year-old Mykola Pavliuk from Krasnohorivka has only one dream – he wants shelling to stop and peace to come. Back in 2015, a projectile fell near his backyard and he remembers that day with terror. Fortunately, at the time of explosion, he and his wife were outside their home. However, every winter is still a struggle for this family. Mykola’s disability allowance is so small that he can’t afford to buy fuel for winter.

This family is very thankful for such a vital gift that will warm them up during the freezing winter and save them from disease and cold.

11-year-old Danylo Sindeev is now almost a teenager. Both his mother and his father have disabilities – their diseases were caused and aggravated by the protracted war. The boy spent his whole childhood hiding from shelling in the outskirts of Krasnohorvika.

The child is reluctant to talk to people but he shared a couple of words with us: “I remember how my little brother would throw a kitten into the basement, and only then he would jump down himself when the shooting would start. Later, when they began to bomb heavily, we were forced to flee to this apartment. It’s very cold and damp here. After the  war began, we couldn’t run around the meadow and going to the river any longer now that the river is controlled by the occupant authorities... ”- Daniel told us.

At the moment, the Sindeevs live in their grandmother’s apartment in Krasnogorivka, which has not been repaired for many years. Due to the lack of gas heating, almost all the walls were covered with fungus. Now that the family received solid fuel, they hope that they will finally enjoy some warm family evenings at home  – something that they have been lacking for the last 5 years.

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By Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel