The project is closed! Shelling in Avdeyevka this March has brought much destructions and pain to the locals.

Boris Surganov and his family survived by a miracle – unlike their house they had been building for the last 10 years, which was completely destroyed. They had to evacuate the children and their toys and pictures are the only memories of a happy family.

Galina Kucher, CBN-Emmanuel’s director of social projects, shares her impression of meeting this family: «Boris impressed me with his love to children. After every couple of phrases, he would repeatedly return to speaking about his little daughter and of how she could have been at home when the shells destroyed their house. He was showing me around and sharing, «Here is where her little bed used to be, here is where I was teaching her letters».


Boris can’t leave his home and his dream is to rebuilt the house where he would live with his wife and children again.

The family needs to raise $3,000 ( 80,000 UAH) to repair their house. Needless to say, the family can’t afford this amount of money since the war has devoured all of their savings. They really need your support!

You can donate for Boris : here

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Общая сумма: 3000$