The mother of 13 children Nadiya G. brought two of her children to “LeoMed” Medical Center in Kyiv for a medical check-up.

When talking to Nadiya we learned that in 2014, the family with 9 children (at that time) had to move from their home town of Doentsk to Kharkiv Oblast. They used to have everything needed for a cozy life back in their home town of Donetsk – they owned house with 6 hectares of land, a fruit garden, cattle and they had jobs. They were feeding their kids with environmentally friendly products. But one day the war came to their home town…

We would wake up with the sounds of bombings in the morning and watch the sun set with the same sounds. Our kids were not able to attend school for six months because of the war. My husband could not get his salary from the employer on time.  For the sake of  our children, we decided to move to a safe place. We sold our beautiful house for 30,000 UAH (about $1100), fixed our old car and moved to the small town of Lozova in Kharkiv oblast”, Nadiya shares. Two weeks after the move, their 10th baby was born. Subsequently, the family had 3 more children. “Children are a great blessing from God!” Nadiya says. The oldest one is now 18 years old and the youngest is only 2 months old.  Fortunately, their children are healthy, with no major problems. The only two kids who needed some medical assistance were 9-year-old Ilona and 3-year-old Vanya. Both of them had a flu and Nadiya started noticing that their breathing was impaired and they complained of not feeling well. Nadiya took the kids to a local doctor who prescribed medicines and sprays, but the treatment didn’t help.  Both children needed a surgery but the family couldn’t afford to pay for it.

CBN-Emmanuel was able to provide assistance for the kids’ treatment in the framework of its medical project with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. Nadiya brought her children to Kyiv where they underwent a medical check-up at “LeoMed” Medical Center and had all of the tests done at Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic”. Children were diagnosed with hypertrophy of adenoids and palatine tonsils of the 3rdgrade.

Children do not feel any pain, but they do feel significant discomfort when breathing. Of course, when lymph nodes increase it negatively affects the work of the heart. But the most frightening thing is that there may be inflammation of the glands which is very dangerous”, Nadiya says.

A week later both children had surgeries that went smoothly. At the moment, the children are still recovering. “Doctors gave both kids a good prognosis. Ilona feels well after being on anesthesia while Vanya is a little worse”, Nadiya says in a telephone conversation. At home, children continue to be treated with antibiotics and sprays prescribed by the doctor.

The family is grateful to CBN-Emmanuel and “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative for the provided medical assistance!

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