Medical project for internally displaced persons organized by “CBN-Emmanuel” in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative has been under way  at “Medical Mobile Clinic” in Kyiv.

This charitable medical project has helped whole families! The format of providing free medical services is especially convenient for families with many children – the appointments are made in such a manner that the whole family can quickly visit all doctors and undergo all necessary tests just in one day without waiting in lines.

Olga S. and her two children had to leave their home town of Donetsk back in 2014. First, the family settled in Berdyansk and Olga’s third son was born there. Later, the family moved to Kyiv and they  are now renting a 2-rooms apartment for $200. Olga spends all of her time with children. He oldest son Sasha is already 15, Margarita is 5, and Bogdan is 1.8 years old.

Olga’s daughter Margarita attends kindergarten, but due to frequent colds and allergies, she is often forced to stay at home. The kids are well mannered and it is obvious that mutual understanding prevails in the family.

To be honest, I don’t miss our past, because I still have a future with my children. It doesn’t’ matter to me where we live as long as my children are with me!”, Olga said with a smile. Olga and her children smile quite often and one can see that despite of the many difficulties they have been facing, they don’t give up and don’t tend to complain.

Olga’s friend told her about the medical project for IDPs organized by “Emmanuel” in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. Olga registered for the project with all her children because none of them had any medical attention since they had left Donetsk. Olga and her daughter Margarita have been suffering from allergic diseases while Sasha has problems with his kidneys.

Thanks to the medical project, Olya and her children visited a pediatrician, a dermatologist, a dentist, took all necessary tests and exams. Each child was given recommendations for treatment.

“We thank the Pope and all the doctors of “Medical Mobile Clinic” for their help and support! No words are enough to express how much this project means for us. Our financial situation does not allow us to get the needed medical services, especially for us as a family with three children. Thanks to your care, we can be healthy. Thank you for your work

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all Catholic Christians from Europe who answered the Popes call for help the conflict-affected people of Donbass!