Beginning in July, 2017 in a medical outreach for IDPs (internally displaced persons) was held at
Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic” in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative.

In the charitable medical project, 633 people received free medical help. 24 of the patients were diagnosed with serious diseases requiring surgical intervention and had the needed surgeries (note: the statistics may change, because not all people have completed the medical research)!

During the medical project, we’ve met different people who struggle with their own problems and experiences. They are all refugees of war – all of them had to leave their home towns and villages, leave friends and relatives and start a new life in a new place. Many came to the clinic, not believing that they could receive real help here. However, after undergoing the medical examination and talking with doctors, their opinion drastically changed. Instead of unbelief, the hope was born in their hearts that not everything was lost thankfully to the many generous and kind people around the world.

On photo – people’s feedback

Tatyana (the name was changed) came to the “Medical Mobile Clinic” with a disappointing diagnosis and in dire despair. The young mother an 11-year- old daughter had been diagnosed with first degree cancer. The need to constantly move from one city to another escaping from war completely depleted the family’s budget. Tatyana needed to urgently raise money for the surgery because the cancer could not wait.

Tatyana and her husband went to various volunteer organizations and applied to government with a request to help, but, unfortunately, no one could help…

At this time of despair Tatyana heard about the medical project for IDPs in the framework of “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. With the help of a missionary Denis from Ugledar, she became a participant of this project.

I am so grateful to everyone for supporting me on this long way of treatment. I am sincerely grateful to Oksana Draga, the employee CBN-Emmanuel, who met me in Kyiv, hosted me in her home and accompanied me everywhere I had to go”, Tatiana shared with gratitude.

Tanya underwent a full medical examination at “Medical Mobile Clinic and after taking all the tests, she was operated in the modern “Ibn Sina +” medical center in Kyiv. Thanks to the financial support provided by “Pope for Ukraine”Initiative, most of Tatyana’s medical expenses were covered.

The help we have received here is more than real, it’s vital… When I first came to the clinic, I couldn’t believe that they could help me … The amount needed for the surgery was not huge, but there was no way for us, as refugees, to afford it. Everything we had had was spent for housing, food, clothing, school. We had to fight for survival every single day“.

The surgery was carried out on time and it will stop the development of the disease. Tanya will continue medical treatment and she’ll be regularly observed with the doctor who operated it.

Thank you for this very important project organized by “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative and CBN-Emmanuel! We can receive some real help here! When I got into this whirlpool of good, I constantly had tears in my eyes. So many people were involved in this project! We are so grateful for these projects which give us, ordinary people, a chance to receive some real help!” – Tanya shared.

We thank the Pope Francis and all the caring Catholic Christians who responded his call to help the conflict-affected people of Donbass.

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project on our website