Little Misha was born on July 15, 2013 in the city of Donetsk (now occupied by Russia).

He was a very desired child of loving parents Yuri and Tatiana. An hour before the birth activity in the womb, he was completely healthy. However, in the process of his delivery, the boy suffered a long asphyxia and convulsions, which caused cerebral palsy. The doctors tried to quickly discharge the infant from the maternity hospital in order to “cover their tracks”, but Misha’s mom suspected  that something was wrong with his excessive muscle tone.

It was obvious that the baby had cerebral palsy while the doctors wouldn’t want to admit it.

When I realized that my boy’s condition was so grave, I started requesting that they took him to a hospital with better equipment and connect him to the life-support device. However, the doctors wouldn’t want to help me with that saying that Misha would only take a place of a child who was still alive and could be helped. They said that Misha wouldn’t survive, but I did not give up my efforts to help him”, Tatiana shares with tears in her eyes.

Since then, Misha’s parents took him to almost every clinic Ukraine: in Kyiv, Truskavets, Lviv, Dnipro. They visited 11 rehabilitation centers spending 80,000 – 100,000 UAH for each visit. In order to save the child, the couple sold their apartment, summer house and a lot of household appliances. Now they live in their parent’s apartment. Misha’s father works as a miner in the town of Vugledarks and every hryvnia is being saved for the boy’s treatment.

Not long ago, Misha underwent a full examination at an expensive genetic center,” continued Misha’s mother, “It was discovered that there are 2 amino acids in Misha’s body that, according to Misha’s doctor, were destroyed by an overdose of nootropics prescribed to the boy by provincial doctors. I think they just didn’t want Misha to scream too much and bother them. These amino acids are responsible for signals to the brain and nerve impulses. This means that the sooner the  balance of these amino acids in the body is renewed, the faster Misha will begin to develop”. To restore these amino acids in Misha’s body, the boy needs to take very expensive drugs.

“Pope for Ukraine” Initiative in partnership with CBN-Emmanuel provided financial support to the family amounting to 2,470 UAH.  This money will help the family to buy at least some of the needed drugs for the next couple of weeks and this will take Misha one step closer to his recovery.