Another grief is knocking on our door and it’s really painful to realize that the children are the ones who suffer the most…

Our missionaries from Mironovksy village told us about a young woman, a mother of 6-year-old boy who was taken to the hospital. i Her son was left with a neighbor.

After hearing these news we decided to go to the hospital to learn more about this situation. We found the woman whose name is Natalya. She was desperate because just a couple of months ago she felt completely healthy. She started feeling a little weak needing to rest more. She was never curvy but when she looked in the mirror one day she was shocked to see how skinny she was. When she started feeling pain in her stomach, she decided to go to a doctor.

They started the treatment for her liver but she didn’t feel better. The woman went to the doctor again and they prescribed her another treatment… and no result again. Then they found some liquid in Natalya’s stomach and prescribed some diuretics… then her intestinal system stopped functioning and she had terrible pains. Even a drink of water would cause her vomit. When her neighbor saw condition of poor woman, she called an ambulance and Natalya was taken to the hospital. There she heard her verdict “cancer of the 4th grade”. Natalya needs at least 4 blocks of chemotherapy before she’ll be able to have a surgery!

When the missionaries came to visit the woman she was asking, “What should I do? I have no money, do I have to leave the hospital now?” We already raised the finances needed for the first course of chemotherapy and Natalya will have her first IV tomorrow. Natasha was so happy – it was a first spark of hope for her! But soon she was shocked to find out that social workers took her boy and put him in a specialized place…. They decided that the child couldn’t stay on his own for a long period of time and the old neighbor couldn’t care for him for a long time…. Besides, no one can tell how soon Natalya will be able to go back to her normal life….Natalya was shaking as she was writing an application asking to take her child to an orphanage. She was completely shocked saying “How can this be? I am still alive, why are people doing this? They were asking around how good of a mother I was… This is just terrible!”
We told her that we would find her son Ruslan and make a video of him, so that she would calm down knowing that her son is OK. We prayed for her and for the power to live through all of these circumstances and for the hope she cannot lose. We promised Natasha that she would not need to worry about the money and that we would tell the world about her need and the caring people would help her…

We need to raise $650 (16000 UAH) for the 4 blocks of chemotherapy in the nearest future. It’s really easy to donate for a good cause. The only thing you need to do is to click here and your donation will be transferred for Natalya’s treatment in full.

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May God bless you!