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Nadiya lives in the temporarily occupied town of Gorlivka in the war-affected eastern Ukraine. A terrible event happened to her family not long ago – after Nadiya’s sister Olga died, her two little children, 5-year-old Zhenya and 1-year-old Andrei were left without parental care. The situation in Olga’s family was extremely difficult, the father of children is an alcoholic, and the kids are now under the threat of being placed to a boarding school…

Nadiya urgently filed documents to undertake guardianship over the kids and her paperwork will be examined within one month. However, Nadiya is worried that she might not be able to take the kids because she doesn’t own any housing – the main condition allowing people to become guardians. Also, she can not take the children into her town which is now under occupation. Nadiya and her family can’t even dream of buying a house in the peaceful territory of Ukraine to be able to take the kids there…

Nadiya who wants to become a real mother for her two orphaned nephews can’t deal with this situation without help of caring people.

We found a house in one of the village of Zhytomyr region (non-affected by war territory of Ukraine). To be able to buy this house for Nadiya’s family, we need to raise $15,000 (UAH 382 thousand).

Dear friends, even by making a small contribution, we might be answering the prayers of these two little boys for a family!

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Собрано: 7%

Collected: 15000$

Total amount: 15000$