Evgeny and Lyudmila Vagin live in Krasnohorivka, eastern Ukraine – the town that has been in the conflict zone for almost 6 years.

I can’t tell you how much we have experienced in these years of war. Our house suffers the most as it is facing the front. The walls are cracked, the plaster is pouring. We are so very tired of the war. We did leave in the beginning but then decided to come back. I want to live in my own house”, Eugeny shares.

To add to their problem, Eugeny was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. The couple had to spend all of their modest savings for the treatment. Last year, Eugeny had his second surgery where a couple of more organs have been removed. They had gone into debt and still are trying to pay off. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to do with only two tiny pensions.

When Emmanuel team came to their house to talk about their needs, the news about possibility to istall a solid-fuel heater and receive solid fuel for winter came as a big and surprise. This enormous support was provided by UN “Ukraine Humanitarian Fund” through CBN-Emmanuel.

Now, that we received this help, I want to say that life has become easier for us. I’m not only saying this from the material point of view, but also from a moral point of view. We now know that we are not alone in our difficult life. And we are really thankful to CBN Emmanuel and Ukraine Humanitarian Fund for this timely assistance. Now it’s always warm in our house. ”

Solid fuel heater have proven to be a very efficient solutions for heating homes in where there are no other sources of fuel. This is especially true for the front-line town of Krasnohorivka where gas supply has been ruined by shelling 5 years ago.

Thanks to the partnership with UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF), solid fuel heaters were installed in 70 most vulnerable homes in war-affected towns of Maryinka and Krasnohorivka. Solid fuel was provided to these homes as well as others in need, and in total 200 homes received solid fuel for the winter.

Material: Anna Chaban, Gamaliy Luidmyla