“Emmanuel” Association has been developing its ministry for children and teenagers for many years

– by organizing children’s camps, creating training materials and starting Superbook Clubs all over Ukraine.

The mission of the organization is to change the world for the better, and we perfectly understand that by putting God’s truths in the hearts and lives of children, we are shaping our future.

Since the outbreak of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, the need for serving children in the front-line cities has greatly increased. At the moment, such services are carried out in more than 30 settlements of Donbass, where many missionaries from different cities of Ukraine serve in the field.

We have observed God working in the lives of boys and girls in many ways. Each story is unique, like every person is. We are all different and God who knows our souls to perfection touches each one of us in different ways. As we start analyzing all the circumstances that led a person to God, we are filled with admiration for greatness of His deeds and mysterious ways.

We heard the story of a teenager named Rodion at a meeting of missionaries in Slavyansk, Donetsk region. Rodion, with his spontaneity and humor, shared his astonishing testimony:

I came to an evangelistic outreach with my mother, because she had heard that they would give humanitarian aid. When we came I saw the brothers who looked so serious that I thought “Oh, I can get beaten here” I told my brother and my friends who came with me, «Guys, stick together, it will be easier to fight back.”

A week later, a tennis table was brought to the missionary center, and I started going there every day. Then there was a Christian camp, where I began to think and meditate. I remember there was a service in the tent, and the leader said that some people in the camp were going to come to faith in God. I thought, “Who will it be? Is there a chance that it’s me?” I started thinking that I may be given faith in God. I kept asking the mentors if they were in any way sorry that they came to God. I also though that there would be no return trip. I made a cross sign and I said to myself, «Go for it!» I was invited to church services and I never missed one of them. At church I repented… and afterwards I was offered a chance to study at the media school. This is how I came to the Lord”.

“When I started playing tennis, I was told a little about God and these were the first seeds of faith in my soul. Then I went to the camp, and more seeds were sown and, finally, the fruit has grown”.

Now, Rodion is serving God along with other missionaries at the mission center in Popasna, Luhansk region. He plays guitars, participates in worship services and helps with the children’s ministry.

«The key in serving teenagers is to be simple and sincere. Of course, there are times when you have to be serious, but openness and sincerity are very important. I am grateful to my mentors, who are praying for me, especially to the missionary Diana Denisova. The relationship between the mentor and a teenager are very important too, because dealing with me has not always been easy», Rodion said.

We thank everyone who serves children in the front-line towns and villages of eastern Ukraine!

Friends, if you want to help people in need, you can send some financial support through our website or let us know about your desire to become a partner by dialing 0-800-50-77-50.